"When the ideal Asian woman was formed…Amy was the mold. When the sensual skills of the courtesan reached perfection…Amy was the model. When the discerning western gentlemen discovered the mystique of the eastern woman…Amy was the source. Amy is the most skillful practitioner of the amorous arts of Asia on earth. Many have tried to pattern themselves on her, but none have succeeded. Seeing Amy is a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience. I can't tell you how impressed I am with her intelligence and courage. She's a beautiful and brilliant young lady who improves herself every day through goals and hard work. I am so proud of her.

Amy is a thoroughly remarkable young lady. She expresses well beauty, sensitivity and loveliness. True, she is certainly a world-class courtesan whose erotic talents are nonpareil. But more, Amy is a woman of refinement, grace and intelligence. She's well-educated and cultured. I was deeply impressed with her, not just as an enchanting companion, but also as a genuinely lovely human being. Amy is vivacious, witty, elegant and charmingly sexy. During our week together, she earned my deepest affection, admiration and respect. I was proud to be seen with her, thrilled to be alone with her and sad to part with her.

Few ladies in a gentleman’s life have the ability to make such a lasting impression. Amy is truly the definition of ‘elegance’. She is gentle, caring and kind-hearted. Her friends call her an Asian Audrey Hepburn. How appropriate that is in so many ways. She always improves herself and never gives up. I have such respect for that...”

- Dr. Taylor (A well-known American author)

 *Note to a few ladies who have tried to copy my Website design and text*
 While I understand that similar wording and phrases are expected and common on Websites and in advertisements, please try and show some creativity and originality when putting together a site, whether it be text, photos or layout. I've put a great deal of thought into creating a site that is unique and that mirrors me and my personality. Please try to do the same; strive to be different. It's much more appealing to convey through your site/ad that you're an individual with a mind that has ideas, thoughts and that you can think on your own rather then emulating and being a follower. People do notice.



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