"I'm only available to select few discreet, well-mannered gentlemen who will treat his lady like a treasure, that assures me we have something in common. My personal taste in style is definitely on the classy side with a sexy feminine touch to it all. I do turn heads..."

You already know little bit about me from my website, but I know nothing about you. Please tell me little bit about you. First time visitors are required to pass a screening to book an appointment. I understand that your privacy is very important, so am I, rest assured as the following info will be used for verification purposes only. For my own safety, I must attain the following facts before entertaining the thought of an invitation. The information is immediately discarded right after our date. Please be honest! False info given could result in the loss of your appointment. All info is kept secure and extremely confidential.

I am only able to respond to those who have disclosed their full identity and who show serious intent in potentially meeting. Discretion is always maintained, and privacy is always respected.

* All fields of the form must be completed and I will NOT receive the form unless you have filled out every item. Please help me receive your form by making sure every item is completed. Thank you.

The BEST way to contact me is fill out my online form here:


  • Please add EducatedElegance@gmail.com to your address book. This will ensure delivery of my e-mails to your Inbox and prevent them being sent to your Bulk/Junk folder.

  • Occasionally, I hear from gentlemen who tell me that they have sent me e-mails and did not get a response from me, even though I’m certain that I have replied. If you think that I have not responded to you after 24 hours, please first check your “Bulk” or “Junk” folder to be sure my response has not been mistakenly filtered by your ISP.

  • As a courtesy, I reply to every e-mail personally. I don't use auto-respond because I think that auto-respond is not sincere. I make every attempt to read my incoming e-mail on a frequent basis and to reply to each inquiry promptly. However, computers do make mistakes sometimes. If you have e-mailed me and did not get my response after 24 hours, please feel free to e-mail me again.


  • Please understand that your good grooming and scrupulous hygiene are important elements in helping me create a truly memorable experience for you. Before I meet you, please brush your teeth to insure sparkling clean and minty-fresh breath. This is very important. No one enjoys kissing a mouth that has bad breath, plus bad breath has unhealthy bacteria and is a definite turn-off. To fully enjoy a high-class courtesan encounter you must be freshly and thoroughly showered prior to our private time, especially in your more intimate areas. (Sorry gentlemen, your morning shower doesn't count, and ladies please, this applies to you too.)

  • For my safety reason, please be prepared for the ID or Driver License check and I'm much obliged to you.

  • Be respectful and always a gentleman. You will be appreciated and generously rewarded for it.

  • Please remember I absolutely love to hear from you after our date, a nice little thank you note via e-mail will always be appreciated and remembered for months and years to come...

  • Trusted and much cherished friends are always welcome to e-mail me at anytime, I simply love hearing from you.